Kenneth Pils


Kenneth Pils is a painter and sculptor. He also devotes part of his artistry to digital image editing and writing computer scripts. He makes his diverse skills usable in his art which on the surface looks traditional but in fact is realized in an unconventional way.

Kenneth Pils images are based on randomly selected images taken from the internet, art history and movies. He processes the material digitally into collage and uses the result as a visual start in his painting practice. The method makes it possible to go beyond biographical references and get in touch with new, unknown image worlds. The physical materials, the presence in the work and attention to what is happening in the moment transform the seemingly arbitrary material into fascinating and independent works. As a consequence, questions are raised about the role of the image in a world of image abundance, transformations and mutations, artistic intent and the viewers interpretation.

Kenneth Pils has MFA from National College of Art in Stockholm and the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm. He now lives and works in Stockholm and has made numerous exhibitions in Sweden and Europe and several public art works in Sweden

He is one of the co-founders of the interdisciplinary and international art-as-research project "Being in the world" ( He has been deeply involved in the artist-run art scene in Stockholm by running Studio 44 (producers gallery) and in the Team of Supermarket Independent Art Fair (