Om vår grupp

The story began 1983 in the old bottle cap factory ”Kapsylen” on Södermalm in Stockholm. Rub-a-dub Studio was built by Tom Hofwander, aka Internal Dread, his brother Bill, Brynn Settels and Stig Vig from Dag Vag. With blessings from legend Dennis Bovell, the studio took its roots from reggae and dub, created a new sound and a placed a star in the audio space for guidance and inspiration.

During the progression of sound quality, minds was trapped by the invasion of digital recording, the cuts of resolution and the seduction of infinite channels, the studio had its ups and downs, but stood tall with its analog equipment. And still does. Not to say that the studio is outdated, on the contrary takes Rub-a-dub pride of being an analog recording studio, and can handle both digital tracks and may provide digital recordings for those who relate to this.